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Smart Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas

If you are looking forward to creating a personalized and different atmosphere with a touch of artistic beauty then the bohemian style would be the ideal pick. The best thing about this style is using any form of art pieces and matching the same with a different mix of colours and patterns. It is said that Bohemian or boho style resembles some Eastern interiors. Say, for example, you can choose a Moroccan interior which will give you the scope to play with the bright patterns and colours. For something calmer, focus on a white bohemian interior. It is easy to implement and most importantly, looks wonderful and exquisite when the decor is complete.

Today, we are here to share with you some interesting boho home decor ideas to give your living a personalized touch. The idea is to make your living room look unique and presentable for everyone whoever comes in. This reminds me of one of our regular readers who wanted to gather information on bohemian decor ideas for her living room. As she has recently bought a residential apartment in Tangra Kolkata, she wanted to do something artistic for her living room. To her query, we came up with some inspiring ideas which include:

Interesting Boho Tips for Your Living Room

  • If you already have neutral interiors in your living room then boho elements and accessories will be a great way to brighten up. In order to introduce the additional patterns in your decor, you can add rugs on sofas, as you do it for floors.
  • For beach style boho living space, you can use the black & white colour scheme, but make sure it comes with lots of patterns, thereby, making the ultimate difference.
  • You can definitely go for mid-century modern style as it mixes well with the boho decor.
  • How about some bohemian coffee table styling? They are known to add an appeal to any living room.
  • Those of you who love drinking and would like to have a small bar at your home, adding a small cart would be a great way indeed. This would actually spruce up the look of your bohemian living room.
  • Did you know that an amalgamation of rough materials like old wood accessories with pastel wallpapers can add a touch to your room? You must certainly try this idea as this would cost you very less.
  • If you aren’t in favour of all-white, airy rooms then turquoise would be a great choice.
  • The coolest and unique thing about the gypsy or boho interiors is – you could blend your vintage finds. Bring out those old armchairs, sofas and other vintage accessories from your store and unveil them now.
  • Even a hanging rug, patterned textiles and a mix of deep brown can create an interesting bohemian look in your living room. To add a unique touch to your room play with bright colours.
  • Those of you who want a neutral interior with a touch of a boho feel then choose pastel colours without any second thought.
  • Bring in long open shelves which would be a perfect display for items, which have been bought while travelling the world.

Hope, these ideas will make your living room stand out from the crowd now. Awaiting your feedback! Let us know how you liked it.


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