Sunday, November 28

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WALNUTS– The Best Anti-Aging Food! It Can Make You Look And Feel Younger!

Walnuts should be on the top of your list if you are searching for a food that contains a number of health benefits and has an anti-aging properties. Walnuts can improve your health without the need to change your diet. You will only need one ounce of walnuts a day. This is equivalent to 7 shelled walnuts. What is it that makes walnuts an anti-aging food? Number of healthy compounds contribute to the anti-aging properties of the walnuts: Flavonoids Melatonin Vitamin E Ellagic acid These compounds have antioxidant properties, which help prevent chronic diseases, clear the skin and get rid of the toxins in the body. A recent study released by the Food and Function journal, showed that walnuts come at the top of the list out of two sorts of peanut butter and nine other kinds of ...