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Psoriasis: Types, treatment, causes and precautions

Many of us who are detected with psoriasis skin disorder seek to have the best treatment for this skin disease to get rid of this sickness completely, overnight. However, as of the present, no miracle or medicine can discard psoriasis within a short time.  We need to register, that it is not a flu disease, but is an auto-immune disorder that is required to be treated customised to each individual. If you are looking for the best psoriasis treatment in London, The London Dermatology Clinic is your go-to option. An ideal treatment for psoriasis includes analysing and curing the deep factors triggering skin disease. The psoriasis creams and lotions are suited for short-term relief only. The ideal treatment for this skin disorder must treat your immune system, i.e. healing...
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Definitely Not a Black Sheep: The Amazing Health Benefits of Black Garlic

Black garlic is one of the Korean superfoods that should definitely be part of your diet. Just by looking at it, you would say that it is a ”black version” of the very popular herb, known for its medicinal properties. This garlic offers even more powerful health benefits, because it has undergone the process of fermentation. This process contributes to the formation of beneficial bacteria and increase the nutrients of garlic. How is black garlic made? Regular garlic undergoes several weeks of fermentation, under strictly-controlled conditions. The end-product has a jelly texture and it doesn’t have the characteristic odor of garlic. Can you use black garlic just like the regular garlic? Certainly. You can add black garlic in meals like soups, stews, steaks, chicken, or salads. You can al...
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Health Benefits of Mackerel and Recipe

Mackerel is an oil-rich fish, which comes from the family Scombridae. It is usually found in almost all tropical and temperate seas throughout he world. What health benefits does this fish offer? Mackerel is known to be a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The Nutrition Data stated that this fish contains vitamins A and C. Vitamin A can contribute to your eyes’s health and skin care. As far as the vitamin C is concerned, it protects your immune system and helps in the prevention of different diseases. Also, it is good to know that mackerel boosts collagen levels. These vitamins are powerful antioxidants, which assist body detoxification and fight free radicals. Mackerel also contains important minerals such as calcium and iron. Calcium strengthens your bones and teeth and regulates y...