Sunday, November 28

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Ten warning signs that your liver isn’t functioning properly. Beware! Those toxins are accumulating in your fatty tissues!

Liver is the second larger and the heaviest organ in the human body. It is the most hard working organ which performs number of functions. It plays a key role in our digestive system, because everything that you drink or eat, passes through it. The liver sits under the lower rib cage on the right side of the body and its size varies according to the person’s body size. It is roughly the size of a football. The liver cleans the blood by ejecting the harmful chemicals that are present in the body. It also helps in breaking down the fat in the body, by helping the production of bile, and helps in the storing of glucose that provides energy boost whenever the body needs it. Because the liver flushes out wastes and dangerous toxins from the body, it is very important to take good care of i...