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Tear Gas Cleanup Service Expert: The Best Way to Neutralize Tear Gas

Tear Gas Cleanup Service Expert: The Best Way to Neutralize Tear Gas

Tear gas is a substance commonly used to disperse violent protesters. It is mostly used by law enforcement agents to restore calm to a chaotic area. You’ve seen movies and local shows where tear gas was used. And yes, you are probably familiar with the stories that have been making the rounds about the use of tear gas. This is why you see that many properties exposed to tear gas get cleaned up thoroughly. This is a task best handled by a professional tear gas cleanup service.

What Exactly is Tear Gas?

Contrary to its name, tear gas is not an actual gas. The active chemical found in tear gas turns solid when at room temperature. Tear gas is made up of different compounds including chloroacetophenone (CN) or chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS). 

Even though tear gas is categorized as a non-lethal chemical weapon, it can cause catastrophic damages to human health and properties. Tear gas, when inhaled, will cause difficulty in breathing. Other symptoms include skin irritation when it comes in contact with your skin and impaired vision. 

Ways To Neutralize Tear Gas Residue

So what’s the best thing to do if you are faced with this unfortunate tear gas incident?

  • Leave the affected area as quickly as possible. Find your way out through the nearest exit if you are in an apartment and leave the cloud of gas. 

  • Find a well-ventilated space for some fresh air. 

  • Wash tear gas residue off your eyes using cold water. While doing that, avoid skin contact with the contaminated water. Also, do not allow the contaminated water onto your clothes. 

  • Wash your body with cold water. Avoid using hot water as this will open your pores, exposing you to more vulnerabilities. Chemicals in tear gas cause skin irritation hence it’s unwise to allow the chemicals to seep further into your skin. Do not be tempted to take a shower immediately as this will also allow the chemicals to soak into your skin, rinse instead. The same applies to your clothing. 

Who Renders Tear Gas Cleanup Service?

Tear gas cleanup service is best left to experts in the field. While the physical effects of tear gas can be somewhat mild, it worsens if left unattended on properties for an extended period. Professional tear gas cleanup services are properly equipped to neutralize the effects of the chemicals on the scene. 

Sadly, due to how complex getting rid of tear gas residue can be, there is no such thing as an easy tear gas cleanup service. Getting rid of tear gas residues and chemicals can be a challenging affair. If the cleanup process is poorly managed, it can result in catastrophic damage. More reason why you shouldn’t consider an inexperienced cleaning crew for tear gas cleanup, because not only will they expose occupants to greater health hazards but also cause severe damage to the property’s structural integrity. To prevent any further damage to both your health and property, look no further than a professional tear gas cleanup service with vast years of experience.  


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