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Trending leather watch bands in Australia

Leather watch bands have never gone out of fashion. When you talk about men’s fashion, this is one thing that has always been in trend and looks elegant for all age groups. 

There are many different brands and designs available for leather bands in an extensive price range; you should choose according to your taste and budget. The good news they can now be worn with any dial, even smartwatches, Apple watch with leather buckles is the new talk of the town.

Since most of the people in Australia now wear apple watches, below, I have shortlisted the best types of leather Apple watch bands, highly in fashion in Australia.

1. The NATO strap 

The NATO strap traced back to the time of the 1970s and was initially developed for the British army soldiers.

After getting popular in the military, this strap caught the attention of the general public, and brands for civilians developed similar designs. The belt continued to gain worldwide popularity, and it is no surprise that it is still in use today.

This strap is constructed on a single piece, unlike the other belts, which are composed of separate parts. Therefore switching a NATO strap is not consuming because these straps are woven under the spring bars, so changing and reapplying them is only a process of a few seconds. Another characteristic feature of NATO is the watchkeeper strap, which enables the watch case to stick firmly to your wrist. 

Also, these straps are quite affordable so they can be worn by everyone and is an excellent option for your apple watch if you are on a budget.  

2. Classic Leather Buckle 

The classic leather watch buckles are one of the old things, and I didn’t get to know where they exactly originated from. However, these are something which I feel can never get old, and when it comes to comfort, nothing can beat these classic leather bands. They are made of different types of leather. I prefer the ones from calfskin as they are very soft and, after a few days, get the shape of the wrist. You can fit any watch dial, and it will look good regardless of the size of the dial. As much as stainless steel dials, I like them with apple watches too. My all-time favorite is the black leather apple watch band, an all-rounder, and complements everything. Because it’s black and classic, you can never go wrong with it.

The modern design features a dramatic look with two tones. There is an exterior leather strap with a contrasting interior leather lining. On the exterior, there is stitching with a matching thread, on either edge of the watch. The buckle is loaded with spring, which makes it easier to insert the band. Prices vary depending on the quality of leather, but they are lower than metal straps. 

3. Milanese Loop

These straps were initially developed in Milan, Italy hence the name Milanese. It’s a mesh design that traces back to as early as the 13th century, where it was used as chainmail. The characteristic feature of this strap is its extraordinarily dense and tightly woven meshwork giving a very classic, delicate, and elegant look. Although the tight meshwork provides a certain kind of rigidity, making the experience of wearing them a bit uncomfortable so they are mostly preferred for more formal occasions and not daily wear. However, these watches still complement all types of watches. I like them with small face dials, and I love it with Apple watches since they are rectangular and not round. Today’s Milanese loops are a modern interpretation of the contemporary design that originated in Milan. The meshwork is woven using specialized machines, and most of them are provided with magnets, which ensures good adjustability and a perfect fit.

4. Tapered Leather Buckle

similar to classic leather straps but differ slightly with the design and production. A tapered watch makes the watch face look bigger than the Classic straight band. 

The tapered watch straps are mostly made from calf leather and therefore provide extreme comfort and velvety feel on the wrist. The leather ages naturally to get a round shape suitable to your wrist. Modern designs are a contrasting, two-tone combination that gives a beautiful and elegant look. The exterior is a smooth leather while the interior is made from a softer lining.  A matching color thread is used to finish the look through subtle stitching on either edge of the strap. Spring is loaded at the end, which allows easy insertion of the band. I prefer a tapered leather strap in brown color, but these are available in all colors and sizes. They look good on everyone, male or female. Also, the price range varies from the most affordable to the most expensive, depending on the quality of leather. 


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