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Types of Golf Course Mowers & Detailed Comparison of Functionality

Imagine a well-manicured golf course turf. We all want that for our facility, don’t we? Turf preservation in a golf course interests more than just greens maintenance. Mowed tee box area, perfect finishing of fairway and greens is possible only with well-designed equipment, powerful enough during the mowing process. 

While different used golf course mowers are now commonplace at every facility, operations that earlier took days or weeks can now be done within minutes. Moreover, with development in technology and increased environmental concerns, golf courses integrate electric or hybrid golf course mowers. 

If you plan on replicating an immaculate turf to your golf course. The more you invest in maintaining a John Deere golf mower, the more durable, versatile, and efficient results you will observe. 

Here’s an article we will help make a wise investment by considering functions of the leading used golf course mowers for sale

Reel Mowers Vs. Rotary Mowers- Which is better for your turf? 

In the market, you will find two major mowers based on mechanisms for your turf maintenance expeditions.

Each mower serves a specific purpose following your property size, terrain, and climate. Proficient operators and high-quality turf machinery are the secret ingredients for a lush green turf. 

In the market, you will find reel mowers and rotary mowers. 

Reel Mowers  

Reel mowers intend for intricate and precise maintenance of grass without sustaining any injury to the roots. While a traditional mechanism of grass mowing, the reel mowers come with manual and automated models. In standard, people use reel mowers for smaller facilities such as parks, backyards, or small gardens. 

The blades of cylindrical attachments with helical blade structures are ideal for trimming grass with structured helical blades fixed in a horizontal position. Usually, the reel mowers incorporate 5 to 7 blades to attain the desired turf quality. 

Rotary Mowers 

The rotary mowers work like a chopper that horizontally trims the grass on the turf course. These mowers trim the grass vertically with a swift speed compared to the reel mowers. You can use these mowers for maintaining backyard greens and rough. 

The rotary mowers are automatically equipped and seamless to operate with electronic and fuel-supporting engines. Moreover, rotary mowers are more efficient than a traditional reel mower. 

While choosing any used golf mower model for sale, offer substantial comfort with seating arrangement and a top canopy for essential long hour work. Before spurring thousands of dollars on a new turf mower, we suggest you examine the capacity of running 3-5 blades at a time. 

Wrapping Up 

Once you’ve decided whether you intend to buy manual or automotive, budget and comfort are the two most important considerations in your mowing expedition. With a small and simple yard, a wide array of features don’t make a substantial difference. However, you need to consider an array of features with larger and more complex turf with used golf mowers. 
Stay tuned for the latest updates on golf course maintenance equipment!


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