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Types of Marijuana Dispensaries and How to Choose Your Stuff

Once you experience the euphoric feeling of cannabis, every other intoxicant seems worthless. There is something distinctive in the cannabinoids of marijuana leaves that keep you happy no matter what is the situation. We immerse in a euphoric world of imaginations for a few hours and it feels really great. Apart from intoxication, there is also an aspect of marijuana. It comprises more than 100 cannabinoid elements and all of them are not sedative. Apart from THC, THCA and THCV, other cannabinoids are only meant for medicinal purposes. On the basis of post-consumption impacts, some states fully legalized cannabis trade whereas others partially. You will find authorized dispensaries for both intoxicating and medicinal cannabis represented as:-

1). Recreational marijuana dispensary

2). Medical marijuana dispensary

Below are some points to understand the difference between both of these dispensaries:-

Recreational marijuana dispensary

Medical marijuana dispensary

You will get all kinds of marijuana products whether they are THC or CBD dominants. Only CBD dominant products are available. They also contain THC but at a very low quantity.
Recreational marijuana is facing legal issues in most of countries because of its sedative impacts. Marijuana meant for medicinal purposes is widely accepted by many countries.
There is a specific age criterion to become eligible for buying recreational marijuana. It varies according to the state policies i.e. 21 to 25 years. For being eligible to buy medical marijuana, you need a special license. Also, the minimum age of buying medical marijuana is 18 years.
Just of legal restrictions, recreational marijuana is available in specific zones only. Medical marijuana is widely accepted that is why its dispensaries are easily accessible all across the world.
Recreational marijuana contains all kinds of cannabinoids that is why the manufacturers don’t pay to much attention to the cannabinoids. Medical marijuana is closely monitored for quality control because the manufacturers have to maintain the level of THC and CBD precisely.

From the points mentioned above, it is clear that cannabinoids present in marijuana define whether it is meant for medicinal or recreational purposes. As cannabis is getting worldwide acceptance, its new variants are coming to the market. Sometimes, too many products in the marijuana dispensaries in Orange County confuse you while choosing a strain. We are mentioning some technical factors to consider whenever you visit a marijuana store next time.

1). THC content

The first thing to consider in marijuana products is their THC content. The tetrahydrocannabinol element of marijuana decides its potency level. If you are a beginner, make sure that the THC level is not exceeding beyond 10-15%. An intermediate should choose strains containing THC value between 15 to 30% as per his/her capacity. If you are an expert, go with concentrated options like wax, black hash, and crystals. While choosing an edible, always remember that you have to wait for 15-30 minutes to experience high impact. Don’t be impatient after eating a candy or gummy that already contains 20-25% of THC.

2). Post consumption impacts

Along with euphoria, different types of strains come with different post-consumption impacts. For instance, the Hindu Kush Indica strain is a sedative variant that keeps you relaxed and sleepy along with euphoria You can consume it in the evening time. On the other hand, Sour Tangie keeps you focused, alert and relaxed. Therefore, it is suitable to consume in the morning time when you need more focus on work. Also, their flavors differ when you smoke or vape. Some of the most common flavors you can experience are strawberry, blueberry, lemon, diesel aroma, woody and earthy.

3). Smoker or non-smoker

Marijuana is consumable through multiple ways including smoking, vaping, eating, and drinking. No matter how much you process the extract, the final product will not change its properties. As a smoker, you can choose dry herb strains as well as hash or wax. We can roll them in the paper joint or fill in a cigarette. If you don’t like tobacco, fill the entire paper with dry herbs and feel a distinctive experience. For non-smokers, there are options like edibles and vaping concentrates. Vaporizers release pure clouds of vapors containing THC, CBD, and added flavors.

4). Synthetic or natural

Nowadays, you may also find synthetic marijuana from the Santa ana dispensary. These variants comprise similar properties as you experience in natural cannabis but with more sedative impacts. All cannabinoids are added synthetically which may negatively impact your body and mind. It is advisable to choose the natural versions whether it is hash, wax or edible.

Cannabis is among the least addictive substances that we consume for intoxication. It is safe to use until we are consuming in a limited quantity without mixing with other substances like tobacco. Adding nicotine will make it more addictive and harmful. If you are looking for variety, nothing is better than going with the option of dry herbs. Already more than 500 different varieties with different flavors and impacts are available in the market.

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