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Understand The Tree Cutting Process in Sacramento

Tree cutting is important for the health of a tree. There are trees that you can cut down on your own with a chainsaw, but what about the others? Some trees require the assistance of experts. This is when tree cutting services in Sacramento come into the picture. 

Steps To Cut A Tree Safely in Sacramento

Decide whether tree cutting is safe 

Walk around the tree and observe your property, look out for any obstructions including buildings, power lines, electrical boxes, and heavy growth. Estimate all the fall areas and identify where the tree will land once it is cut. If there’s an obstacle on your way, you must contact the best tree cutting in Sacramento!

Gather Equipment 

It’s important to have proper safety gear like work gloves, a hard hat, safety glasses, a chainsaw, hearing protection, felling wedges, and so on. Plus, you need a permit from your homeowner’s association or the city depending on where you live. Check the local guidelines, rules, and regulations and for safety, let a trusted friend join you, who could guide you in the process. If that’s not possible, you can always look up to the tree cutting services in Sacramento. 

Estimate The Fall 

Sometimes, it’s really impossible to measure the height of the tree and identify its fall. It’s crucial to assess the tree for uneven growth or overcrowding, or due to diseases or other factors. If the tree is heavier on one side than the other one, it will be in a way that’s dangerous regardless of all your attempts. For a better estimate, you must hold an ax at an arm’s length and close one eye. Walk away from the tree until the top and bottom of the tree are aligned. Where you stand is the place the tree will fall as estimated. 

Clear Up The Escape Routes 

Take out some extra time to make sure that there’s a safe way to retreat from the worksite. Make sure that the routes are clear from the debris. There should be a direct path to safety. 

Plan The Notch 

The notch allows the tree to fall properly and you must have it on the fall side so that the tree falls in a direction of the notch. Cut the tree at a comfy working height so that it feels like the stump is too big. This way, you can cut the base of the tree later on. 

Cut The Notch 

Begin with the top cut and move it about at a 45-degree angle in the downward direction. Just below that, you must make a second cut parallel to the ground so that both the cuts meet each other in a better direction. 

Insert Wedges 

Wedges depend on the tree that you’re about to cut down. If the diameter of the trunk is more than 18 inches, wedges will help them in preventing the saw from getting pinched. Once the notch is cut, you must start cutting the tree. When wedges are complete, stop cutting and pound on the wedges. Complete the cut later on. 

Make The Felling Cut 

This is something that’s going to make the tree fall. Move towards the opposite sides of the tree that’s away from the notch. Begin with an even back cut.  Don’t cut all the way through, instead create a hinge. Take one of the paths to safety. 

Cut into Firewood And Remove All The Branches

So, when the tree is down, the next step is limbing. You need to remove all the branches from the tree trunk. Avoid touching the ground with your saw, roll the trunk, and complete the cut. 

Get Expert Tree-Cutting Services in Sacramento 

Trees that require pruning and removal are reasons enough to call an arborist. If you don’t have the proper equipment or can’t ensure safety, or don’t feel confident about your skillset, it means you need to call tree services in Sacramento. 

Just make sure that you keep your distance while the experts work on tree cutting! 


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