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7 Most Prominent Ways to Boost up the Speed of your Existing WiFi

Your WiFi is the backbone of all your wired and wireless devices. Without it, you can’t make any device working. WiFi connectivity issues are one of the most common problems faced by everyone today. If your WiFi isn’t going beyond your expectations, you might get frustrated. It plays an important role in giving your Netgear WiFi Extender Setup a successful ending. In this article, we will help you get rid of such problems and also help you in fixing up the issue related to your Extender Setup. Just unbox your range extender and plug in nearby router and follow some below-given steps.

  1. Select a genuine place for your extender

Not every place is meant for your devices. To go further with your my wifi ext, avoid the places where you have located your metal appliances and Gym materials. Also, make yourself sure that the wires of your device not to be messed with others. In order to cover the longer area of WiFi range, do not exceed the limit of 20-30 feet between router and range extender. Moreover, keep both of your devices up to date to get rid of slow connectivity that performs during WiFi Extender Setup.

  1. Be careful about your router

Most of the people hide their router just because they are ugly. The live Internet connection coming from it makes your Netgear Extender Setup with other devices easy. If you are ashamed of it, just pack and get rid of it instead of hiding them behind the bars. Is you still in a mood to do so, you are inviting their problems to create a big disaster in their life. Always keep your router updated. Never let dust to cover it. Do not over heat it. As soon as you found it throwing heat, shut it off immediately. Keep an eye on its antennas whether it is in horizontal or vertical position.

  1. Build a stronger relationship between your devices

In today’s modern world, everybody is in a hurry. Nobody has a time to spend it at a same place. In this way, they forgot to take care of their devices. When they all slow down, then only they wake up and in anger, they messed with them and ruin even those things which are happening quite right. In such cases, what are you supposed to do? Just connect your router and the range extender with each other with the help of an Ethernet cable and wait for the power light turn their color to solid green. If your router powerful antennas are not enough good to boost your Internet speed, don’t get rid of it, just buy a new powerful antenna instead of buying a new router.

  1. Switch off the public WiFi

If you are surrounded by neighbors, we insist to disable public network immediately in order to get rid of WiFi problems. Another main plus point of disabling public WiFi is that you are also getting rid of intruders. If you enable public network, it also causes low connectivity, creates interference between your my wifi ext  and also lets hackers steal all your basic information along with your personal profile. If you are the owner of some private place and ought to enable public network, we strictly recommend to build an extra strong password that no one can detect it.

  1. Switch to a booster or a repeater

It may interest you to know that you extender is also known as a range expander. Most of the people are not satisfied and their technologies are not just limited to range extenders. They want more speed. If you are one of them, we would suggest you to just switch to booster or a repeater. Place anyone among these halfway to your extender and enjoy unbeatable speed of Internet that follows you from your door-front to backyard as it catches the range coming out of your main device and spreads it all over.

  1. Netgear Genie

Hope you are aware of this app. If not, just install it on your desktop or smartphone as it runs on both and also helps in you to visit Netgear Genie Setup page. This app manages and controls the entire WiFi system and provides a safe and secure network with a reliable IP address. After installation of this application, open a web browser from any of smart device and type mywifiextin the address bar. With just one step of default username and password, you will directly land into its homepage.

  1. The process of restart

By default if you face any error related to above all. Just do the above

  1. Computer/Laptop– Clear all the malicious files, malware, browsing history, cache and cookies. Once done, shut down your device and restart it again.
  2. Extenders/Routers– If you are not able to introduce your devices with each other, fail to detect any LED lights, page not expecting the default details, etc., just press and hold the WPS button on your extender for 20 seconds. In case this process does not work, with the help of a paper clip, hold the factory reset hole on the back of the extender for 30 seconds and then release it (apply the same process on router in the gap of two minutes).

We are expecting that we actually help you out with all your queries in the above-given process. Do drop the valuable feedback of yours in the comment box given below.


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