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What are the Occupations in demand in Manitoba Province?

Canada is a very good country to settle, and every province has its own advantages of living, and thus whether you choose one province or another, you will feel settled in the country. However, the choice of the province is much more linked to the professional profile more than anything else. Thus, the province’s choice should be made in line with the profession in demand in that province and your field of work. This scrutiny will help you determine your stay in Canada and will establish if your stay will be satiated and welcoming or not.

Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MINP) is one of the best ways to relocate to the province.  The Expression of Interest (EOI) is used as the model of applying for Manitoba. You can begin the application process for nomination by submitting an expression of interest (EOI), and only after meeting the point score will the applicant get selected and allowed to apply.

There are different streams through which an applicant can apply under Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MINP), and the candidate can choose the stream as per the needs –

  •   Skilled workers Immigration Stream 

o    A skilled worker in Manitoba

  •   Manitoba Work experience pathways
  •   Employer Direct Recruitment pathway

o    Skilled worker Overseas stream

  •   Manitoba express entry pathway
  •   Human Capital pathway
  •   Manitoba Business Investor stream
  •   Manitoba Farm Investor pathway
  •   Manitoba entrepreneur pathway
  •   Modern Community Driven Immigration Initiative- Through MPNP
  •   International Education Stream

The Expression of Interest System

The candidates registered under the Expression of Interest with the MPNP only received the LAAs through the Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Overseas streams. In the EOI System, the applicants are ranked out of 1000. 

The Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Workers help Manitoba meet its Labour market needs. For the Overseas category, the applicant needs to establish a connection with Manitoba. It could be through close family ties or friends in the province or also previous experience in Manitoba. Those applicants who meet the criterion are selected for Skilled workers and Skilled workers overseas. 

The Ministry of Education and Training has spoken about the labor force growth and touted its own horn about the flourishing businesses because of steady immigrants in recent years.  The two new goals for the Canada Manitoba Immigration Agreement have been spoken about increasingly, and they are 

  •   Flexibility with federal norms and aiming the migration to become move industry-specific
  •   Reduction in the time of Visa processing for especially those applying outside the express entry program

What are the Occupations that are in demand in Manitoba Province in 2021?

Following are the Occupations in demand in the Manitoba region 

  • NOC CODE – 3113 – Dentist
  • NOC CODE – 3012 – Nurses
  • NOC CODE 6321 – Chef
  • NOC CODE 4112 – Indian lawyers
  • NOC CODE 2173 – Software Engineers
  • NOC CODE 4032 – Kindergarten and elementary teachers
  • NOC CODE 2211 – technicians and Chemical technologists (Food technologist) 
  • NOC CODE 3112 – General practitioners and Family Physicians
  • NOC CODE 11 – Financial accountants and auditors
  • NOC CODE 0311 – Healthcare Managers
  • NOC CODE 0512 – Managers- Publishing, Broadcasting, and performing arts
  • NOC CODE 0611 – Sales and marketing managers will be include advertising too

NOC CODE 2312 – Mechanical Engineers

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