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What type of technologies are Tuition Centre incorporating?

Tuition Centre make it a point to constantly upgrade themselves and they have learnt to roll with the punches in order to thrive as a business and to provide quality service. One of the biggest influences in the organic change in teaching style (especially in the past two decades) is, technology. Everything has become digitalised and children’s attention span has decreased over time. In order to keep students engaged with constant stimulation and eradicate boredom, is to teach them through the medium that they are most familiar with since birth, and that is, via technology. Whether we like it or not, technology has become an integral part of all of our lives and kids these days say that they feel rather ‘handicapped’ without their gadgets around them.

So, let’s see how tuition centres utilise technology to their advantage…

One of the most obvious ways technology can be used to teach is by using visualisers. This is quite a common phenomenon now and exactly the reason why it is common, is because of how effective it is in conveying content in an interesting manner. Giving a theatre-like feeling with the dim lights and colourful presentation of information gives students a more light-hearted approach towards learning. The traditional classroom rules are broken and a different aura is being created. Showing content-driven educational videos value-add to the learning process and often times they are difficult to be forgotten.

Another way in which technology is being utilised is through online content-related games or activities. Though this is not as prevalently seen, it is one method that teachers adopt especially when they trying engage the students and maybe break the ice if it’s a first lesson or when new students join the group. Understanding the fact that education cannot be forced down one’s throat and everything should occur organically, tutors utilise technology at its best to provide all that they can for their students.

The problem with incorporating high-tech teaching methods for tuition centres is the budget. Inevitably, quite a sizeable amount of investment is required to purchase the necessary gadgets like the visualiser, laptops etc. Even if somehow tuition centres manage to bring in these technologies into the classroom, they have to be well-utilised and students have to feel it in themselves that they had a fun, engaging and useful lesson.

The Singapore education system is one of the most demanding in the world, with tough and advanced syllabuses for each and every subject. Hence schools are always driven to finish going through the syllabuses within a fixed deadline, which often end up producing dry and uninteresting lessons (inevitably, especially when exam-season kicks in). Technology is then used to alleviate this problem, both in schools and in tuition centres.

ALL IN ALL, the advent of technology has brought lots of benefits and some disadvantages as well (such as being a medium of distraction), and teachers always try their best to utilise it well so that it turns out to be more of a boon than a bane. It certainly serves well if used wisely.


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