Tuesday, November 30

What You Should Know About Fogging

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to leave its mark across all walks of life, companies are concerned about how to adapt to the changes. One of the hottest topics on the table is disinfection. In the same vein, biohazard cleaning company Birmingham Alabama is brainstorming on unique ways to address these situations. 

Businesses will take every necessary precaution to protect their staff, visitors, and clients. One control measure high on the agenda of discussion when it comes to disinfecting is fogging. 

Fogging: What Is It?

Fogging is the process of spraying highly effective disinfectant with the aid of a fogging machine. Fogging is considered a highly valuable way to get rid of biohazardous contaminants on high traffic surfaces. It also comes in handy to disinfect areas that are always hard to reach or forgotten. This top-level measure for disinfection is a sure-fire way to keep the home or workplace safe from contagious infection. A safe and comfortable work environment increases worker’s productivity levels. 

Benefits of Fogging

There are many benefits to using fogging. These include:

  • A perfect alternative for disinfecting forgotten or hard to reach areas
  • Get rids of air-borne contaminants effectively
  • Top level measure for getting rid of contaminants on horizontal surfaces
  • A safe and effective way to disinfect a room or space if done the right way

Where to Use?

Fogging is a highly effective disinfectant applicable to a host of sectors. It is the number one disinfectant in the food and beverage industry. For instance, abattoirs use a fogging machine to control the spread of bacteria commonly found on raw meat. 

Public institutions such as educational facilities and unoccupied hospital wards use fogging as an effective means to disinfect their spaces. 

It is quite sad to learn that the public sector is yet to embrace fogging fully. But with the outbreak of the coronavirus, odds are high that they will turn to fog as a suitable means for disinfection. Government agencies are trying everything within their powers to prevent another major outbreak and fogging offers just the right solution they seek. Fogging public spaces makes the general public feel confident using public transport yet again. Also, this cleaning process get rids of viruses and bacteria on high trafficked surfaces.  So there’s absolutely nothing to worry about when using a properly sanitized and cleaned room or space.  

Fogging the Right Way

Before a biohazard cleaning company Birmingham Alabama will fog an affected area, they must have first cleaned the area thoroughly. 

  • Switch off and seal all water-sensitive equipment and electrical appliances. 
  • The expert reassesses the area to determine if it was thoroughly cleaned
  • Charge the fogging unit with the required amount of disinfectant
  • Use the spray jet to disperse fog evenly across the space
  • No one should be allowed into the space during and after fogging unless the procedure is completed. This might take at least 1 hour. 

Sanitizing and disinfecting your home and business place should be treated as a top priority in this present day and time due to the coronavirus pandemic. For peace of mind, contract the task to a biohazard cleaning company Birmingham Alabama.

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