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3 Wholesale Beach Clothes Trends Retailers Need to Know

In the rapidly-changing fashion world, almost everyone wants to update their wardrobe with the latest trends, be it party clothing or beachwear. But just as importantly, some classic styles ever popular. During summer, when it’s scorching hot outside, tourists love to hit the beach in style. The first thing that often comes to mind is a unique, breezy dress from a store’s fresh beach clothes. 

When paired with swanky sunglasses and cool accessories, a beach dress carrying a fun design can help one grab attention while enjoying activities. To prepare for the summer, retailers are wise to stock a varied collection of beach styles and colors and make them available for beachgoers. They can buy wholesale beach clothes that are affordable and profitable.

To grow business by selling these beach outfits, retailers need to understand beachwear trends. Here are five popular trends among beachgoers that are tried and true:    

  • Sarongs

Sarongs (also known as pareos) are a popular trend that make beachwear more interesting for the wearer. One of the most amazing things about the trend is that there are multiple ways to wear a sarong. For example, it can be worn as a long skirt, short skirt, dress, top, scarf, or headdress. 

There are many types of sarongs in multiple colors, including tie-dye, ethnic, mandala and floral. They are in great demand, and retailers can get them in bulk to sell for a healthy profit.

  • Tie-Dye Convertible Dresses

When it comes to a beach party, many women prefer convertible dresses. These are versatile clothing pieces that can be styled in many ways. It can be a sun dress to stroll the beach comfortably or worn as a skirt to enjoy a beach party. 

Made of colorful tie-dye fabric, these are some stylish and comfortable outfits that make a beautiful addition to a woman’s beachwear collection. By wearing a convertible dress a woman can look different every time she hits the beach, by wearing it as a dress or as a skirt paired with other tops.

For retailers, tie-dye convertible dresses make trendy, profitable pieces to supply beach or poolside customers. All they need to do is to find the best wholesale beach clothes supplier with affordable prices and a large variety available. 

  • Mandala Dresses

Mandalas are symbols of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Although they are forms of meditation and improving knowledge, mandalas have taken the fashion world by storm for the last few years. There are different types of outfits around the trend, and beach dresses are among them. 

They make beautiful sundresses that come in a variety of color combinations. Available in many designs, modern mandala dresses have flexible fit and wide tank straps for extra coverage. They make the perfect outfits to enjoy beach parties or spend some time taking part in water activities.

As per the current fashion trends, the popularity of mandalas is growing among fashionistas, especially those who love to hit the beach frequently. Retailers can get them as wholesale beach clothes and fulfill the requirements. In return, they can earn a profit. 


Beach dresses are a staple to beachgoer’s wardrobe. Trendy, breezy outfits can add a little more fun to an individual’s collection. As they are popular trends among fashionistas, retailers can buy them in wholesale and provide them to people who need them. In return, they can sell them at a reasonable price to earn a profit. All they need to ensure is that they are buying the latest beachwear trends from the right place.

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