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Why Professional Cincinnati Home Roof CleaningIs Necessary To Prevent Algae

Ever roof in Cincinnati is under attack … biologically. And the culprit has caused ugly, unsightly stains on asphalt shingled roof. Those stains are alga, a blue-green in color, that is known as Gloeocapsa magma. Roof Algae was common in humid areas, but over the last 20 to 30 years, it has drifted on to less humid areas and Cincinnati roof cleaning service companies are finding it more difficult to remove this bacteria.

 Now, this unsightly growth is common across eighty percent of the country. The unsightly growth is usually found on the north side and/or the west side, or anywhere area of the roof that is shaded. As the roof algae decompose, it grows more, and keeps moisture contained, accelerating the growth while deteriorating the asphalt shingles. A professional roof cleaning service in Cincinnati performed twice a year can prevent this from happening.

 Algae Stained Roofs Can Lead To Roof Replacement

Not only are algae stained roofs ugly to look at, taking away the beauty of a home, but if left unattended, a roof replacement could be in the future sooner than you may be ready. And this is one area that more homeowner insurance companies are looking at – denying claims if the damage is from poor maintenance. Schedule regular appointments with a Cincinnati roof cleaning is the best way to avoid these problems.

 When moisture builds up under asphalt singles, the plywood decking begins to grow mold, which spreads into the attic, then down the inside of your walls. When you notice any discolor on the roof, schedule a Cincinnati home roof cleaning immediately. A professional, thorough cleaning will remove the algae, lichen, mildew, and moss and stop it all from penetrating on to the decking and into the attic.

  An Algae Covered Roof Is Toxic For The Neighborhood Too

Algae, lichen, mildew, moss, and other types of fungus not only discolor the outward surface, but they spread and carry bacteria and germs through your home, and the neighborhood. Yes, if your roof as that blue-green alga or those ugly black streaks, you, anyone in your home, or nearby neighbors suffers from breathing issues by invading into your home and others through roof vents, gaping doors and windows, and in the air. A roof cleaning service by a professional in the Cincinnati area will eliminate those irritants by decolonizing and removing those micro-organisms. The risks of the bacteria and germs spreading will reduce the risks for everyone in the neighborhood, including you and your family.

 A Cincinnati Home Roof Cleaning Helps Your Energy Bills Too!

With a regular maintenance plan of having a professional Cincinnati roof cleaning service twice a year, you’ll see a drop in your energy cost too. How? When a roof is coated in algae and all the other bacteria that cause the black streaks, it creates moisture retention which reflectivity will result in heat accumulation, making your AC system work harder.  This doesn’t mean all is well with algae on the roof in the winter though! It is still eating away at your shingles, down the wood decking, into the attic, and beyond.

 A Solid And Sound Roof Requires Regular Maintenance

We can’t repeat that enough, and you shouldn’t ignore this advice. But how do a professional roof cleaning service in Cincinnati clean roofs? Besides using a power washer and knowing the right amount of pressure to set the machine that cleans and won’t damage your roof, siding, or landscaping, they also know the right products to clean with.

What does a professional Cincinnati roof cleaning service use for cleaning roof algae, lichen, mildew, and moss? How do a professional clean those unsightly stains from the roof so that he shingles, siding, and the landscaping below aren’t harmed? There are different methods used, with each Cincinnati home roof cleaning company having their own and using different products.

There are chemicals can cause damage and aren’t environmentally safe. In recent years though, more and more companies are finding products that are safe for the environment that give the same results. Some Cincinnati home roof cleaning jobs are done with a hard, high-pressure wash and others use a low-pressure, soft wash that is almost like hand washing.

When you decide your home is ready, choose a roof cleaning service in Cincinnati that uses an environmentally safe chemical with a soft wash. This is usually a type of bleach mixture that will be sprayed on that the algae, lichen, and moss will absorb and then die. Then they will rinse it with a low-pressure to loosen that dead residue so that is slides off the roof. If your home has gutters, inquire about having the gutters cleaned at the same time to make sure that algae and other substances are cleared away completely.

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