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WooCommerce Product Customizer: A Tailored Approach to Online Business Needs

Today’s online users have frequently increasing needs and wish to have more and more personalized experiences especially in eCommerce industry.

A personalized approach in online retail business is a term used to describe tailor-made applications and products that can be unique to each consumer. You need to offer them what they want & how they want instead of delivering the same services in same style to a diverse range of consumers.

Therefore, if you wish to grow and succeed in your online business, you need to customize your potential consumer’s journey while ensuring greater returns.

One of the highly trending personalized eCommerce approaches is offering Product customizer on your website. In this writing, I shall incline my focus on WooCommerce market. Prior to this, let’s understand the brief of a product customization in eCommerce industry.

What is a product customization?

Product customization is an endeavor to bring both online and offline commerce on the same level of consumer satisfaction. And, an eCommerce product customization is changing retail to a great extent.

With the advances in technology and eCommerce, you can easily enable your consumers to design a product of their own choices (color, size, print etc.). This way we can strengthen the user experience for them on our online store. However, each one of them has its own limitation in context with different product and customer niche.

For WooCommerce, there are many tools and plugins available to offer online product customizations developer by expert WordPress development services providers. Most of these tools bring together the need of calling elements while using customer’s preferred variations.

For e.g., Let’s assume you have installed a product customizer on your WooCommerce store. Now whenever a customer tries to create a custom jacket with different colors, text, sleeves, collars etc., the application will be utilizing multiple images or product variations.

And, to display every product variation, it has to call respective elements and has to combine them together to show the final product.

This way there shows up some common challenges like,

  • Involvement of multiple images & JavaScripts affects and slow down your overall websites’ performance.

How does adopting a Custom Approach to WooCommerce Product Customizer help?

To overcome the above-mentioned challenges associated with a common approach to your WooCommerce website, you can choose to create a custom WooCommerce Product Designer with ACF Pro.

With such approach, you can perform the following:

  1. Implementing Image Stripes to minify the usage of Product Images

To provide consumers with numerous options, we tend to use more images for more variations. And, in most of the cases, SVG images are being used to generate product variations.

SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics files) come with .svg image extension and make use of XML-based text to create images. Although these files are extremely compressible while delivering the actual image quality still, the space occupied remains same on the server.

And, to resolve this space issue, you can use image stripes for viewing product variations every time. This way you can easily pre-define a fixed width and height for the product images stripes. Further, combining different image stripes (different product views) with photoshop and uploading it on your WooCommerce store to cut down on the load time of images.

  1. Cutting down on too many JavaScripts

Apparently, with a perfect utilization, you can cut down time on loading multiple product images and enhance your website’s performance. However, there is still a need to work on utilizing too many JavaScripts while performing product customizations.

Using bounding boxes for particular areas of your product (For e.g., Jacket’s back, front or sleeve only) while customizing products, you can save lots of extra scripts running for other parts without any use.

To achieve this, you can utilize ACF to build custom fields in your WooCommerce product section. The custom fields need to be programmed to define coordinates of the desired boxes on different product views.

Now, the admin of WooCommerce store can define individual areas of the products that can be customized by consumers instead of whole product. The admin can easily place the rectangular boxes on any part of the product image and the product customizer application will allow that access to the customers.

In Conclusion….

Product Customization is gaining huge popularity among retailers and consumers. Although there are several ways to achieve this still, you don’t need to compromise on your websites’ overall performance while offering this benefit.

The above-mentioned customizations are quite feasible and easy-to-use if handled properly. All you need to do is to have the side of a constant technical expertise to ensure a seamless development and integration of this approach.


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